Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is it time to take it down?

Every time I contemplate pulling the plug on Bad Weeds I just can't do it.  Why can't I do it?
Here is a list of the reasons I keep it up:
1.  It is an archive of interesting stuff from my life for at least 2 intensive years from 2005 to 2007.
2.  I still see that people from around the world listen to the episodes.
3.  I think the world can still use a queer voice from San Francisco.  Especially when they are fucking hanging queers in Iran and threatening to outlaw us in Uganda.
4.  I still might have more to say.
5.  I just named my Tumblr account Bad Weeds San Francisco
6.  I want to do some theatre art in SF under the aegis of Bad Weeds


Blogger Jae Kay said...

Searching the internets I found your website once again. I used to love Bad Weeds! :) Your podcast was awesome and helped me fall in love with San Francisco even more after my first visit.

Miss ya

9:17 AM  

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