Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bad Weeds 73: Shake That Flamin' Booty

Your horny host Corkey takes you back to April 20, 1906 when a nearby landmark spurted unexpectedly -- thus saving the City of San Francisco. From there it's on to Coit Tower, the SF landmark recently maligned by ignoramus Bill O'Reilly. All this started with a shakin' and a 'bakin back in 1906. Join us!

BWSF 73 Shake That Flamin' Booty-- LISTEN NOW


The Golden Fire Hydrant at Church and 20th Streets

US Geological Survey Earthquake Site

Read the story of the Golden Fire Hydrant

Explore SF's Coit Tower


Blogger mike hipp said...

Hey Corkey

I wanted to let you know that I did hear your show today, though it didn't make it on the soup. It straddled my transition from work and home so it wasn't in the position to take notes.

The reading bit about the golden fire hydrant was very cool though... especially 3000 people standing down a fire... exhausted fire fighters (yum yum, easy to take advantage of that way)

anyway, sorry! kiss kiss

1:41 PM  
Blogger Corkey Mineola said...

as long as it straddle SOMEthing, mike!
3000 volunteers humping the firefighters is how i remember it

7:00 PM  

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