Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bad Weeds 212: Sex Gay Boy Sex Advice: 2. Penis Size

bwsf 212

Why are men - gay and str8t - obsessed with dick size? Corkey traces the obsession including:
1. how do you measure your penis?
2. can shoe size predict penis size?
3. what do medievel codpieces have to do with penis size?
4. which grows first - the penis or the eggs (testicles?)
and more...

1. Genetics determine penis size
2. Measurement is difficult
3. A funny chartpenis-chart
4. Shoe size, please - Another funny chart

Report: No Relation Between Shoe Size & Penis Size

British Journal Of Urology International Publishes Study

October 1, 2002
CHICAGO -- A study in the October issue of the British Journal of Urology International concludes that the size of a man's penis does not correlate to his shoe size -- despite a popular misconception.
Researchers measured the foot size of men who wear size 8 through 13 shoes and compared the foot size to the size of the men's penises, according to the report.
University of Chicago urologist Dr. Greg Bales told the Chicago Sun-Times that foot length, as well as the size of a man's hand, finger and nose have often been said to correspond to a man's penis size.
"But, in my own observations and from talking to colleagues, there appears to be no obvious correspondence," Bales told the newspaper.
But British researchers continue to look for a link between the length of the penis and the length of other body parts, according to the report.
Bales told the Sun-Times that he's not surprised in the continuing research.
"I worked in the U.K. for six months," Bales told the paper. "There clearly was a greater interest in penile size among the Brits than the Americans."


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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bad Weeds SF 211: Sexy Gay Boy Sex Advice - Nipples!

Guys got 'em. Guys love 'em. Why?
First in a series of gay sex advice from Corkey...

BWSF 211


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bad Weeds SF 210: When Dog Meets Toothbrush...

What happens when Bailey (Corkey's nephews' dog) discovers a toothbrush kit? LOVE of course!

bwsf 210


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Thursday, January 04, 2007

gay! Bad Weeds 209 gay Porn & Year-End Book Review

What are Corkey's favorite books of 2006
What is going on on that screen behind him?
Hmmmmmm Find out!

bwsf 209


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