Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bad Weeds 96: a Bad Weeds XXXmas

Singer Neil Aaron visits the BWSF studios to share his ballad, "Christmas Day 2004." And Duncan and Corkey share their wishes for your exxxtra merry XXXmas.

BWSF 96: a Bad Weeds XXXmas -- LISTEN NOW!

Neil loves his guitar!

by Neil Aaron

Christmas Day 2000 and 4
Someone, broke into my car
Glass everywhere
Icy rain pouring down
and everything's closed
2 flat tires
a matching pair
a fever of 100 and 2

christmas day 2000 and 4
I look like death
Lonely and all alone
Horny, bloated and depressed
I've got 3 zits
that hurt like hell
and a cold sore, to boot

i'm not complaining
I'm only stating the truth
I'm luckily lucky
as breathing is proof
it could be worse, worse than this
Christmas Day 2000 and 4

Merry Christmas

(c) Neil Aaron, 2005)

Corkey poses Just for you! (yea.... right!)


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