Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bad Weeds 26: Bi-Demand: Castro St Sizzles

Bisexual masseuse Randy confides in Corkey and Eric while the pair indulge in free chair massages. We also run into our favorite sexy couple: David and Mark (10 years and counting...) and Christian who wrangles his puppicitos with love. A special treat with music from Crazy Moon Plan.

Crazy Moon Plan appears by exclusive permission of C. McGuire -- find their CD at Amazon! Buy it Now!

Give money to Katrina victims -- Click here for info on where to give.

BWSF 26: Bi-Demand: Castro St Sizzles: LISTEN NOW

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

BWSF 25: Str8t Looking in the Castro?

Johan is a queer boy who wants to be str8t someday, but ther's a catch: He loves d*ck and finds himself being interviewd at Market and Castro -- America's gayest corner! (You do the math...) Also, men with memories of the heydey of the Castro and AIDS activism, party-flier boys, and a very special dog named Simon.

BWSF 25: Str8t Looking?: LISTEN NOW

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bad Weeds 24: A Peace of Madge

Madge Weinstein drops by for a candid chat with Corkey about peace, her recent trip to Crawford, TX, how to confront conservatives, her private parts, and how to be a successful podcaster.

BWSF 24: A Peace of Madge: LISTEN NOW

Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad Weeds 23: F*ck Miss America! Where's Cindy?

Corkey's husband (together 9 years this week...) shows up to ponder the state of political affairs in the magical kingdom of Bushland. Miss America's departure from Jersey trumps the fatwah ordered by fascist Pat Robertson on Venezuelan leader -- which leads to a lively discussion of civil liberties, freedom of speech, and Foghorn Leghorn. Something for everyone in this super special Bad Weeds (including where did that damn title come from anyway?)

BWSF 23: Corkey and Husband do Miss America: LISTEN NOW

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bad Weeds 22: Cruising for Content

Corkey roams the streets of San Francisco, cruising for content. He joins up with Eric for a screening of "Me and You and Everyone We Know." The guys love the film and wax philosophical.

BWSF 22: Cruising for Content: LISTEN NOW

Me and You and Everyone We Know site

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bad Weeds 21: da sexy Bears! Oh My! Street Fair pt 2

Back to Hairison Street Fair as Eric and Corkey enter Camp Hairison for some wild times with a nearly-nude bartender named Jan (from France) and a skinny bear bartender from Montreal (not french.) Then back onto the street for more Bear Fair and a wrap up with some very unlikely back-up singers.

BWSF 20: Bears Rule! Hairrison Street Fair, Part 1: LISTEN NOW

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bad Weeds 20: Bears Rule! Hairrison Street "Bear Fair" Part 1

Corkey and Eric (aka Stagg) roam the Hairrison St Fair in search of an answer to "What's a Bear?" Join us as we talk to a str8t dad, a politician, a rugby player, fabulous press agent Jim and others. Part 1 of 2.

BWSF 20: Bears Rule! Hairrison Street Fair, Part 1: LISTEN NOW>

Monday, August 22, 2005

Bad Weeds 19: Rocky Gresham Speaks Out! Part 2

Part 2 of a chat with Rock Gresham, PhD. Rocky is a queer psychologist working with returning soldiers from Iraq at the LA Veterans Administration Hospital. Today he describes life as a 51 year-old dad of four. He also addresses the serious threat to queer mental health posed by 'reparative therapy." Check it Out!

BWSF 19: Rocky Gresham Speaks Out! Part 2: LISTEN NOW>

TruthOut Coverage of Crawford, TX Vigil and anti-war activity

Iraqi Veterans Against the War

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bad Weeds 16: Marc Grabs the Mic!

Marc Felion, co-host of Feast of Fools, speaks out on many issues. Don't miss it!

BWSF 16: Marc Grabs the Mic! LISTEN NOW

Bad Weeds 15: Morning - Elk, CA

Take a morning walk with Corkey. A first peer into the up and coming podcaster's gourd.

BWSF 15: morning - Elk, CA -- LISTEN NOW

Monday, August 15, 2005

Bad Weeds 13: With Love, il Impresario

Steve Murray is il Impresario di giorno on BWSF 13. Steve describes his passionate production of Viva Variety! for the past 4 years. Viva closes, sadly, in November this year. Check out this lovely man in the first of a 2-part interview with Corkey Mineola.

Bad Weeds Archive Day

My file-hosting site, Liberated Syndication, appears to be pretty f*cked today. So here is a show from BWSF 2: Rolling out Cooking Dough.
I hope we'll get BWSF 13 to you ASAP.


Friday, August 12, 2005

Bad Weeds 12: Blow That Reed, Dude!

Corkey and husband head out to Golden Gate Park where they run into Aaron, blowing his sax under a bridge. After an impromptu jam session, it's on to the Conservatory of Flowers (closed -- it was Monday!) but spectacular nonetheless. Enjoy this walking audio tour of a SF treasure. And where IS "Flinstonia" in the Park, anyway?

Enjoy and have a GREAT WEEKEND

BWSF12 Blow That Reed, Dude! -- LISTEN NOW

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bad Weeds 10: Giants Lick Some Texas Balls

Corkey and special guest-friends Tom (gay) and Rick (str8t) celebrate BAD WEEDS SF EPISODE 10 (WOO WOO!) with an outting to SBC Ball Park in downtown San Francisco. They join the crowd in a rousing ball-licking of the Houston Astros by the San Francisco Giants. Baseball at its gayest! Plus we talk to John, rising catcher who bats left, a senior at Menlo College. His dad, an Elvis impersonating crime-fighter, cracked a big serial killer case in the Bay Area.

Find Out More!

Bad Weeds 9: Flogged and Flippant: Going Down in San Mateo

Fresh from his flogging just one week ago, Brian joins Hank and Corkey for a run-down of just about everything! Watch out for the bad weeds growing in the trio's garden of irreverant humor on race, sex, AIDS, and penetration. Brian, a sassy tourist leather bottom, recounts his flogging and its implications for world peace.

Check it Out!

BWSF9 Flogged und Flippant -- LISTEN NOW

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bad Weeds 8: Naked Caterer

Today's guest, Alex, reveals all about his dual identity as caterer-cum-artiste. He also recounts growing up in the music biz in L.A. -- rubbing elbows with Donna Summer and David Bowie -- and so on. A truly unique queer bad weed from San Francisco's overgrown garden of queery delites.

Check it Out!

BWSF8: Nake Caterer -- LISTEN NOW

Friday, August 05, 2005

Bad Weeds 7: Inside Fausto, Part Deux

Corkey concludes his interview with podcast star Fausto Fernos. But first he talks with his husband about art, gardening, and where he's been late at nights lately.

Check it Out!

BWSF7: Inside Fausto, Part Deux -- LISTEN NOW

Bad Weeds Archives: # 5: Blue Wed with Billy and Fausto

Blue is our color today. The whirlwind coverage of the Dore Alley Fair continues today as Corkey interviews Billy Bowers of Blue Alley Video. Billy talks about his short but successful career as casting director for his own company which is helping to bring back the cum shot in gay porn! Then everyone's favorite Luvable Blue Pal Fausto Fernos joins Corkey for Part One of "Inside Fausto". Find out about where Fausto had a hit cable access show, Wanda Wisdom's food obsessions, and more!

BWF 5 Blue Day with Billy and Fausto: LISTEN NOW


Monday, August 01, 2005

Bad Weeds Archives -- No. 4: When a Man Needs a Floggin'

Corkey, Hank, Stagg, and company trace Brian's search for the perfect flogging. Join us as Brian scopes out the flogging opportunities at the Dore Alley Street Fair in SF's South of Markket District.

When a Man Needs a Flogging: LISTEN NOW


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